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Caché® Clip With 4 Keys



The Earth Showerhead - Inject dramatic style and efficiency into any bathroom with the Earth showerhead. Rated #1 showerhead in USA by leading industry magazine. Features include; 9-Jet Turbo Massage - Forceful to Gentle, relaxing massage mode, adjustable spray and pressure, responsive flow control, 10 year Warranty, self cleaning, installs easily by hand and without tools. Certified California Energy Commission 2.35gpm. 
In White finish... P/N NS2925 -2.5gpm.Retail Price:$9.50 

In White finish: P/N  NS2920 2.0gpm Retail Price: $9.50

In White finish: P/N  NS2915 1.50gpm Retail Price: $9.50
In White finish: P/N NS2912 1.25gpm Retail Price:$9.50   new item
1.75gpm EARTH showerhead AVAILABLE FOR CASE QUANTITIES e-mail us for a quote and quantities for above flow rates.



The Earth™ Showerhead -  In Chrome finish.. Actual Size: 2-1/2" x 3-3/4". Sale Price: $9.50 SALE Limited time!

NS2920CW  Chrome 2.0gpm out of stock
NS2917CW Chrome 1.75gpm OUT OF STOCK
NS2915CW Chrome 1.5gpm  (NEW 


Solid brass ½” adapter equipped with 2 check valves blends in well, between the shower elbow and hose to provide backflow protection. The adapter is a cost effective alternative to a bulky and leaky vacuum breaker. Accepted by Codes and Standards (ASME A112.18.1/3) as alternative to vacuum breakers.
Application: Shower Handle, Back flow prevention. Retail $8.50


5-Minute Shower Coach
Want your kids to conserve water? Teach them with the COACH - conserve water and make it fun! Turn 20 minute showers and turn them into 5 minute showers. Just rotate the shower coach half a turn when you start, then stop your shower when the sands have run out. Great for adults to keep track of there time in the shower. NS2145 - $4.25


Drip Gauge
* More accurate with Metric readings
* Place the small, cylindrical cup under a drip, then calculate how many gallons of water are wasted daily
* Measurements and instructions for calculations are printed on the gauge
* The cup measures 7/8” by 2 ½”
 Item # NS3132-M $ 1.99

Leak Detection Tablets and Tips - Is Your toilet leaking?
* Tablets contain only FDA-approved, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic pigments – not harmful if swallowed
* Easy to follow instructions, printed in both English and Spanish
* Packaged in moisture-resistant packs
* Instruction card also includes useful tips to stop leaky faucets.
* Two tablet packs included, with two tablets per pack
 Item # NS3141  $ 1.99

The Hidden Aerator threads directly ( and disappears) into the faucet spout, making it vandal proof by design. Removal and installation is easy with the Cache`® Key. The average cost is $3.85 and the flow rates are from: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.2gpm.
The Cache'® key used to remove or replace the aerator.
The Delta and Moen Kit includes ring, key and washer for $4.00
Moen Kit -    Delta Kit -

Cache Clip with 4 Keys

   These keys (4) will help you remove most CACHE aerators. The handy key ring keeps them together and includes one of each size cache aerator key: regular size, junior size, tiny junior or tt size, tom thumb or tt size. Fits most Delta and Moen Cache Aerators.  Keys included are M24x1 (Regular), M21.5x1 (Junior), M18.5x1 (Tiny Junior) M16.5x1 (Tom Thumb).
Retail: $10.00/each 


The Bubble-Stream 2.2 gpm/0.5gpm (gallon per minute)  Dual-Thread Dual-Flow Spray Aerator, dual thread made with plastic and features a pull-down design to switch from a 2.2 gpm stream to a 0.5 gpm spray.
Retail: $5.00


Low-Flow Originals that will give you the performance and durability your looking for in a showerhead and save water at 2.2gpm! 100/case.
  • Anti-water hammer control valve design
  • Meets ANSI Specs A112-18-1M 1996
  • Adjustable spray disk
  • California Energy Commission and CSA approved
  • Settable flow rate control on valve models
  • The flow rate is 2.25gpm at 80psi
  • Hand installation, knurled sure-grip sections


NS2130 - Standard Decorator Design - Luxury Model. Popular with Hotels and Homeowners. Retail:$8.00


NS2110 - Standard Model - Budget Design with superior spray. Retail: $6.25


NS2131 - Deluxe Decorator Design - Built-in control valve. Our largest model with superior spray. Retail: $9.50

 out of stock email for quantity e-mail us


Toilet Fill Cycle Diverters: 

Saves up to 50% of fill cycle water -up to1- ½ gallon per flush. No tools needs installs in seconds. Does not restrict the flow.

NS3193A Three prong.  Retail: $3.75




Shower Arm and Escutcheons

6" & 8" shower arm with escutcheon. Chrome plated, brass parts with 1/2" threading.
 P/N NS3160  6" shower Arm w/escutcheon.
Retail Price: $3.50



toilet tank bank
Toilet Tank Bank
When installed in tank type toilets, the famous Tank Bank will save nearly 1 gallon of water every time you flush. Install it in seconds without the use of tools and derive years of savings. P/N NS3137 Retail Price:$3.25



                       Short Flush Toilet Flapper

For maximum toilet efficiency, the patented short flush replace flapper is definitely the way to go. Made of premium thermoplastic material, it can save you as much as 2.5 gallons of water ever time you flush. P/N NS3145 Retail Price: $5.50



White Spoiler™ Shower Heads are available in flow rates of 2.0 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), 1.75 GPM and 1.5 GPM. The Spoiler™ Shower Head WaterSense certified models SH030W15ZWS and SH030W175ZWS are available in flow rates of 1.5 GPM and 1.75 GPM. White Spoiler™ Shower Heads are a popular choice in some of the largest energy efficiency and water efficiency programs in US history.

The water efficient and energy efficient White Spoiler™ Shower Head delivers an enjoyable showering experience with three spray settings: massage, pulsating, and combination spray. The Spoiler™ Showerhead offers proven reliability, performance, savings, a high degree of user satisfaction and is a proven water conservation device.

Water Saving Showerhead Features/Technical Data:
  • Multi-mode, adjustable spray selections offer massage, pulsating and combination settings.
  • Pressure compensator provides consistent spray velocity over a wide range of water pressures for consistent performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Energy efficient non-aerating spray reduces heat loss and increases comfort.
  • Self-cleaning, spray adjustment helps provide uninterrupted performance.
  • Anti-sediment screen prevents line debris from clogging the showerhead.
  • Meets ANSI/ASME Specification A112.18.1 2.0 GPM MAX.
  • Available with ABS, brass or alloy connecting collar.
  • Meets the performance requirements of the California Energy Commission, the Department of Environmental Conservation, Canadian Standards Association, and Federal, State and Local plumbing standards.
  • Passed a 5-year accelerated age test at 150 PSI.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Laboratory tested.
  • Quality Controlled in America.     Special price: $9.50


The Prismiere Showerhead" Don't let the jewelry-like prism design of the patented Soap-n-Soak showerhead fool you because it will save you more water, energy and money than any other showerhead we know. Certified California Energy Commission, 10 year warranty, Adjustable settings from soft to forceful. Available at : 2.0gpm, 1.75gpm.



P/N  NS2825 2.5gpm Retail: $8.50


P/N  NS2820 2.0gpm Retail: $8.50 


P/N NS2815 1.5gpm  Retail: $8.50  ( New Item)

e-mail us  for a quote

Tri-Max Adjustable showerhead

Tri-Max Showerhead features three adjustable spray settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. The Tri-Max produces a luxurious shower with an even vacillating spray that requires up to 40 percent less water usage than typical "low-flow" showerheads. Simply twist the showerhead to match your desired task: 0.5 GPM flow rate for soaping, 1.0 GPM for showering, and 1.5 GPM for a powerful rinse mode. NS2615CH

  • Unique showerhead utilizes three pressure-compensated flow rates: 0.5 GPM / 1.0 GPM / 1.5 GPM
  • Select your flow rate based on desired water usage and task, 0.5 to soap and 1.0 or 1.5 GPM to rinse
  • Patented flow compensator gives consistent flow regardless of available water pressure
  • Tri-Max showerhead has an even vacillating spray
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications, 10-year warranty
Details: Flow Rate @ High PSI:0.5 Setting: 0.5 GPM 1.0 Setting: 1.0 GPM 1.5 Setting: 1.5 GPM Flow Rate @ Low PSI:0.5 Setting: 0.3 GPM 1.0 Setting: 0.7 GPM 1.5 Setting: 0.9 GPM Stream Type: Adjustable Angle:Yes Head Length:3-13/16'' (97 mm) Mounting Type: Fixed Mount Head Diameter:2-1/8'' (54 mm) Finish: Chrome

ORDER NOW - $15.25 /each

 Evolve Lady Bug
Stop wasting water while waiting for the shower to heat up- The Lady bug will shut off  (trickle) the stream automatically when hot enough to jump in. Flip the switch to start the shower.
Just place the evolve Ladybug Showerhead Adapter in between your showerhead and shower arm. It’s that simple. The trickle mode activated when water reaches 95° F (35° C) and automatically resets after each shower. It attaches to any shower arm with industry standard 1/2“ fittings solid brass fittings and is available in Chrome finish.
Comes with a pull cord, plumbers tape and instructions. Retail: $29.95


hhcrom.jpg (23825 bytes)

The Earth Chrome Handheld Massage Showerhead Kit
Ergonomic luxury with peak performance with greater force at lower pressure! Corrosion resistant, 2.0gpm at 80psi, 5 year warranty, 72" swivel tangle free hose. P/N NS2935CW Retail Price: $19.00

out of stock call for case quantities

Now Available in 1.5gpm

hhcrom.jpg (23825 bytes)

NS2945 1.5gpm Handheld Chrome Kit. New Item!

Retail: $19.00

Shower Flow Controls

Be in control of the water usage. Controls the flow rate of your showerhead without replacing it. It connects to the shower arm before the showerhead and is small enough to be somewhat un-noticeable.
shower vavle intall instructions Install.
NS379-2.5gpm -$4.75   gray insert
NS378-2.0gpm - $4.75  new lavender insert
NS375-1.75gpm -$4.75
NS377-1.5gpm- $4.75 new green insert

click here to view selection
Faucet Sink Aerator
1.5gpm- Reduced splash and noise generation make our "gentle flow " sink aerator more than just a simple water and energy saver. Its high-luster chrome-plated finish is as pleasing to the eye as its gentle spray is to the touch. Available in 0.5gpm (gallon per minute), 1.0gpm, 2.2gpm.  Order below.

Neoperl Adjustable Angle Swivel Tip Bottom Aerator 1.5 GPM WaterSense Listed Soft Stream.    $5.00/each 

  • Standard size, dual male (15/16") and female (55/64") threads - only fits faucets that take this size
  • –adjustable bottom to angle (+/-7o) the direction of your stream
  • 1.5 GPM Low Flow faucet aerator Water, Energy & Money Saver
  • White Aerated Stream, Pressure Compensating
  • Integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles


1.5gpm Dual thread PN620 $3.00each
1.0gpm Dual thread NSM20 $3.00

 1.0gpm & 0.5gpm Spray pattern.
1.0gpm Dual Thread PN720 $1.95 each
0.5gpm Dual Thread PN220 $1.95 each
0.35gpm Dual Thread NS620A $2.84 each- out of stock

Laminar Flow Pattern.
1.5gpm Dual Thread PN520 $4.90/each 
2.2gpm Dual Thread PN420 $4.90 each
Vandle proof

Tamper Proof Faucet Aerator.

Ideal for hotels and commercial use. Comes with locking key. Brass/chrome plated high quality finish. Works well for kitchen and bathroom faucets and stays where you put it. Meets or exceeds ASME standards. Comes in flow rates of 0.5gpm, 1.5gpm, 1.0gpm with male or female threads.  
Male 0.5gpm $4.90 -  
Female 0.5gpm $4.90 -

  Aerator Wrench -for removing faucet aerators the easy way.  NSKY7 at: $5.00/each   

      Vandal Proof Aerator Remover (one hand removal) : NSKY4 at: $3.10/each  (out of stock) 

 (Special order items e-mail us for large quantities)

Deluxe Touch Dual Flow Faucet Aerator

  The  highly efficient 2.0-Gallon per minute faucet aerators increase spray velocity, reduce splash, save water and save the energy used to heat water. Aerators are dual threaded to fit both male and female faucets. This model has a single spray, swivels 360 degrees for fast, efficient sink-rinsing, has a pause lever to slow the flow of water for bonus savings, and works in both kitchen/bath faucets..  2.0gpm P/N NS3101 Retail Price: $5.00 


Deluxe Touch Dual Flow Faucet Aerator dual flow aerator

Now available at 1.0gpm P/N NS3101-1.0gpm Retail price:$5.50




Dual Spray Swivel Aerator

Model No. NS0035-2.2gpm - At:$4.50

The Dual Spray Swivel Aerator offers a 360 degree swivel, two types of spray and is now available with a new more efficient 2.2 gallon per minute (gpm) flow rate that makes kitchen faucets more water and energy efficient. The swivel lets you direct the water flow where it's needed for faster more convenient rinsing and more efficient dish doing. Dual spray: pull down for a wide full force, energy efficient multiple stream spray and push up for a splash-free bubble stream. Reduces water use and boosts water pressure for better rinsing action. Dual threaded fits most male and female faucets.
Also available with a 2.0 gpm flow rate 





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